Jesus GARCIA LABORDA | Dean of the College of Education | PhD, EdD, MA,  MA.Ed | University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares | UAH | Department of  Modern Philology | Research profile

Prof. Dr. Jesus Garcia Laborda 
Alcala University

Keynote Title: “AI in education: A curse or a blessing? “

Abstract: Artificial intelligence came to stay especially in the last two years. The impact of ChatGPT, Slidego and other free AI webs have often been associated to negative ethical connotations, more specifically to cheating in long traditional papers. This presentation addresses the ways to avoid those ethical issues in assessment but looks more in detail at the ways to benefit from AI in developing ideas and writing papers. The paper concludes that fears are due to novelty and that in academic matters, it is important to adapt our assessments to more competence-based tasks. 

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