Assist. Prof. Dr. Tuğba Yavaş

Cyprus Science University, North Cyprus

Workshop Title

“Okulda Oluşan Duygular ve Etkileri”

“The Formation of Emotions and Their Influences in The School Environment”


Wortshop Title: “Family Participation Applications”

The importance of family participation in pre-primary and primary schools is undeniable. As a result of many studies, it was found that family participation in early childhood increased the academic success of the child. In this context, in order to increase the academic, social and cultural success of the children, to increase the permanence of the education given in the school and to ensure that the learning in the school is implemented in real life, the teachers should best use the ways of laying the family into education. With this hands-on training, teachers will be told about the methods to be used in planning the family education in reaching the families in the shortest and right way. In order for teachers to learn the methods of planning family participation activities, “planning of family participation activities” will be explained in practice.

He was born in 1974 in Nicosia. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Nicosia. He graduated from Atatürk Teacher College in 1996 as a primary school teacher. He worked as a teacher in primary schools for 17 years. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Department of Education Programs and Teaching at Near East University and his PhD at Educational Technology at the same university. He presented papers in many international and national conferences. He published his scientific works in international refereed journals. He is continuing his studies on increasing family participation in education, using social media tools in family participation.

He has conducted various studies and projects in order to spread the Montessori Education Approach in Cyprus. He implemented Montessori Education approach in Yeni Yüzyıl Pre-primary which is attached to the state. He is still working as an Education and Teaching Specialist in the Ministry of National Education and Culture, and he is working as a Part Time Instructor in Atatürk Teacher’s Academy.

Dr. Nihat Ekizoğlu

Atatürk Teacher Training Academy, North Cyprus

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