Lefkosa -Ercan (ECN) Airport to Kyrenia (Girne) Transportation

Option 1: KIBHAS Transportation Services is serving transfers from Lefkosa (Ercan) Airport to Girne (Kyrenia). The fee is approximately 15 Turkish liras (3 Euro).

Option 2: Usually in Cyprus the transportation is provided by taxis. The taximeter application is made in taxis. If you would like to, you could go to Kyrenia by KIBHAS and then you could take a taxi to go your Hotel.

Option 3: If you would like to, you can go to your Hotel (Girne) from Lefkosa (Ercan) Airport by taxi. If you are one person it costs about 20 €, however if you are more than one person you can share this amount. If you are 4 persons, we suggest you go by taxi.

Option 4: There are various types of cars that you could hire for cheap prices. You could hire a car and provide your transportation yourself.